Gokul Pandey

Gokul Pandey is a poet from Nuwakot, Nepal. He especially writes Gazals and Muktaks.

A science student by profession, Gokul Pandey is highly active in the education sector. From teaching to mentoring, from coordinating to motivating the students he acts as an inspiration to many school children in Kathmandu. It may be due to his passion for teaching that he spreads such positive influence in the children.

In the field of poetry, he is gifted and is a natural poet who is equally capable of expressing in Gazals and Muktaks. Inspired by the works of William Shakespeare, Maxim Gorky, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Shankar Lamichhane, his poems are fun, entertaining and some of them are equally serious and sensitive. Relationship problems and political satires are presented in a fun way while underlying social and political issues of Nepal are presented in a highly emotional way. The problems of diaspora, the everyday man of Nepal and others existing in the country of Nepal are very well expressed. His love for the country and the people are very nicely illustrated in his poems. Anyone who comes across his poems cannot help but feel the high passion, motivation, humour and sensitivity that lies inside the poet Gokul Pandey.

He is also a highly enthusiastic Sports lover and a very keen observer of political issues.



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भोका नाङ्गा गरीबको मर्म बुझ्नु पर्छ



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