Hasmukh||Netflix’s original dark comedy show||watch it or not|| Sanket’s review

Netflix's latest Hindi original "Hasmukh" Review whether you need to watch it or not.

Hasmukh is  Netflix’s latest Hindi original dark comedy show, starring Vir Das as a struggling comedian with morbid condition.’Hasmukh’ season 1 released  on April 17, 2020, on Netflix. It comprised of 10 episode.Season 1 of ‘Hasmukh’ finishes on somewhat of a cliffhanger, which is a sign that the creators had arranged it to traverse more than one season. Be that as it may, regardless of whether Netflix needs to take it ahead or not will rely upon the evaluations. We ought to anticipate affirmation in the coming months. 

Personally,i am the huge fan of the dark comedy ,I tuned into this series as it contains both dark comedy and stand-up comedy(LOL).I was hooked from it’s first episode due to it’s design and idea.This series is humorous and morbid,overall i liked it though there are minute things that didn’t worked in this series.The performance by Vir Das , Ranvir Shorey and some ensemble cast was overwhelming.After watching this series i felt that  Vir Das is not only a good stand up comedian,but also the good actor.

Do watch this series if you are fan of dark comedy and thriller,it’s worth watching show.Enjoy Quarantine,Stay safe.:D 😀 

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