“Read The Futurological Congress”by Stanisław Lem

Read "The Futurological Congress"
Novel by Stanisław Lem __PDF link given below,'👇👇👇

The Futurological Congress is  a black humor sci-fi novel originally published in the year 1971.Ijon Tichy is a repetitive character in the story of Stanislaw Lem, and in The Futurological Congress the cosmonaut winds up on Earth in Costa Rica , going to the Eighth Futurological Congress. Despite the fact that arcane science is his fundamental intrigue, Tichy sees that things become excessively unconventional while getting a beverage from tap in the inn. The dividers going clever and his enthusiastic state taking an unexplainable swing, he pops a pill and gets over it so as to go to the lectures.

 This book  was not available at any Book store in Nepal so ordered it from overseas.I have no rights to make PDF and to distribute it,so use it wisely.

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