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                • Company Profile

                  Hangzhou Nide Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in May 2013. It mainly deals in machinery and equipment, instruments, plastic materials and products. It specializes in the world famous brand System Plast (SP) chain plate and mesh accessories and spare parts. Quality bearings such as Mcgill\Rollway\Sealmaster\Browning, Hubcity\Foot jones reducer, Jaure\Kopflex coupling, Marathon motor, Emerson inverter, Rosemount/Micro Motion flowmeter, Mitsubishi PC\PET raw materials and other plastic products, And undertake a variety of custom machining, extrusion, injection products. We serve our customers with professionalism, integrity and meticulous business philosophy, and have been well received by the industry for many years.

                  Since its establishment, the company has customers all over the country and many countries and regions in Europe, Asia and Africa, most of which are top-notch companies in the industry. We provide various technical solutions, supporting support and product supply to our customers with high-quality products, professional technology and dedication. We are looking forward to providing more quality products to more customers in the future development. and service.

                Mr. Wen +86 13345717672
                Mr. Cui +86 13345715912
                Phone: +86 571 86991289
                Fax: +86 571 88309759
                Address: Room 813, Block A, Fuditun Center, Moganshan Road and Huagangshan Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou

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