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                Our company successfully completed nongfu spring mohe factory waterline non - lubrication transformation project

                Release Time:2019-12-03

                Nongfu Spring mohe factory has a production line relocated from other factories, the products on the line are relatively old, the varieties are too mixed, including the chain plate, wear resistant bars, curves, sprockets, rollers and other most from different manufacturers and brands, belong to the patchwork equipment.Such equipment is difficult to use for normal production, and is not conducive to daily maintenance, lubrication fluid consumption is also very large.

                At nongfu spring requirements, our company send professional engineering and technical personnel in the field for many times, combined with local actual situation, and considering the production practicality, feasibility and cost of engineering, the convenience of maintenance and cost, environmental protection and other factors, and the farmer mountain spring repeated communication technology department, put forward a set of approval by both parties.
                On November 10th, all kinds of preparations have been completed, and our company managerWen personally led the engineering and technical team to mohe, the northernmost part of China with snow.

                On November 11, the project officially began.

                After more than ten days of hard work, we overcame various problems encountered in the project, and completed the project on November 24, and passed the acceptance inspection of the customer, winning the customer's heartfelt approval.

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