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                Industry Applications

                ★ Car ★ Drink ★ Food ★ Packaging Machinery ★ Material Handling

                Thermal Power Generation

                Powerful solutions with power-transfer solutions deliver increased reliability, improved maintenance planning and maintenance/repair.

                Pulp and paper

                Increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs with Kop-Flex solutions.

                Turbine machinery

                Kop-Flex® high-performance couplings meet customers' needs for turbomachinery applications.

                wind power:

                Jaure® offers the latest generation of coupling systems for the wind turbine industry. These systems have a long life and are able to meet the most demanding requirements.

                Cooperation Case

                Mr. Wen +86 13345717672
                Mr. Cui +86 13345715912
                Tel: +86 571 86991289
                Fax: +86 571 88309759
                Address: Room 813.8F.Block A.Xingshang Development Building.No.1243 Moganshan Road and  Gongshu District. Hangzhou City.Zhejiang Province.China

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